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GlobalVista is a dataset of over 1,600 individual MGA, MGU and cover-holder enterprises worldwide that Insuramore believes likely to have written premiums of more than USD 10 million across all forms of insurance in 2024.

Depending on geography, such enterprises may also be referred to as delegated underwriting authority enterprises, underwriting agencies or underwriting management agencies. Versions of GlobalVista specific to Europe / the UK and to the US are also available with respective populations of over 550 and over 750 individual MGA, MGU and cover-holder enterprises. These are subsets within the full global dataset.

View the free infographic and dataset sample below to find out more.

FREE: GlobalVista infographic and dataset sample

GlobalVista is provided in the form of an Excel dataset with key data points for each MGA, MGU and cover-holder enterprise including insurance products written, number of employees (as at end 2023), group / UHC (ultimate holding company), website URL, business sector focus (if any) and distinct customer / product specialism (if any).


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GlobalVista (Global Version)

GlobalVista dataset (global version)

GlobalVista (Europe / UK Version)

GlobalVista dataset (Europe / UK version)

GlobalVista (US Version)

GlobalVista dataset (US version)