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Definition: MGA, MGU and cover-holder enterprises are defined as entities with the authority to underwrite or bind insurance risks and that do this exclusively or mainly on behalf of unaffiliated underwriters. They include entities that may also be active in other fields (e.g. insurance broking) and also include both broker-owned and insurer-owned entities as well as entities that are independent or that have other types of owner. Such entities that are insurer-owned and that are understood to place risks exclusively or mainly with parent or sister underwriters (i.e. affiliated entities) are excluded from the analysis. MGA, MGU and cover-holder enterprises that have set up their own underwriters remain in scope unless they can be said to place risks exclusively or mainly with those underwriters. The lower-end threshold for inclusion in the current version of GlobalVista is that qualifying entities are likely to have premiums written of more than USD 10 million in 2024.

Source: Insuramore research based on MGA / MGU / cover-holder enterprise disclosures.

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