Insuramore’s in-depth knowledge of insurance around the world means that it is able to serve not only different types of insurance market participant but also a diverse array of other organizations which themselves seek to serve insurance providers in various ways.

Insurance market participants that Insuramore assists comprise carriers (underwriters), reinsurers, brokers and independent agents, broker networks, MGAs / MGUs, pioneers in ‘insurtech’, assistance and warranty companies, comparison sites, affinity and corporate distributors (e.g. airlines, automotive brands, banks, retailers, travel firms, utilities), and claims management and third-party administration firms, plus insurance trade / common interest organizations and supervisory bodies.

Other enterprises serving or targeting the insurance sector that may benefit from working with Insuramore include management consultancies, private equity firms, technology enterprises, investment banks (including financial institutions groups and equity analysts focused on insurance stocks), asset management firms serving insurers, legal services companies, recruitment firms, and providers of marketing services such as advertising, digital marketing, public relations and market research.

If you think that we may be able to help your organization, please contact us.