About Us

Insuramore is a leading provider of marketing services and related consultancy with a focus solely on the insurance sector which, globally, is forecast to be worth USD 11.5 trillion in premiums by 2040. Insuramore’s unique positioning stems not only from the broad range of services that it offers and its worldwide coverage but also from its deep understanding of all types of insurance spanning life, health and P&C (non-life) insurance, whether bought by individual consumers, commercial enterprises, the public sector or not-for-profit entities, plus related services such as assistance and warranties. Our insurance provider rankings provide original and unrivalled insights into carrier (underwriter) groups around the world. The full list of insurance types about which Insuramore can provide data, research and consulting services at an international level can be seen here.

Insuramore adheres to the principles of relevant organizations that include the following:

Insuramore was created as an entirely independent enterprise by Alan Leach who was previously founder of Finaccord, now a part of Aon plc. Alan’s LinkedIn profile can be seen here.

Alan Leach