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5th January 2021: Global Bancassurance Groups

Bancassurance groups accounted for over 8% of the value of the global insurance market in 2019

According to Insuramore’s global rankings, and with a combined total of USD 518 billion (up from USD 493 billion in 2018), the top 100 insurers owned by banking or postal service groups accounted for 8.1% of gross direct premiums written and related inflows worldwide across all types of insurance (i.e. life / annuity, health and P&C / non-life) in 2019. Read the full press release here.

8th December 2020: Global P&C (Non-Life) Insurance Segments

In 2019, State Farm had a clear lead over PICC and Allianz in the global market for all forms of P&C (non-life) insurance

According to Insuramore’s global rankings, the top ten P&C (non-life) insurer groups accounted for 25.6% of total P&C gross direct premiums written worldwide in 2019. In descending order, the leading five were State Farm, PICC, Allianz, Berkshire Hathaway Insurance and AXA. Read the full press release here.

10th November 2020: Global Life, Health and P&C (Non-Life) Insurance

The combined share of direct business of the top 20 insurer groups in the global market fell slightly in 2019 relative to the previous year

According to global rankings published recently by Insuramore, the leading 20 insurer groups accounted for a combined 26.8% of total direct business worldwide in 2019, itself worth just over USD 6.4 trillion, down a little from an equivalent figure of 27.3% for the top 20 groups in the previous year. Read the full press release here.

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