MGA / MGU Revenues: Top 150 MGA / MGU Groups Worldwide

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MGA / MGU Revenues: Top 150 MGA / MGU Groups Worldwide

Definition: MGA, MGU and cover-holder revenues are defined as fees and commissions earned from underwriting / program administration (and related activities) by entities with the authority to underwrite or bind insurance (or reinsurance) risk in any class and that do this exclusively or mainly on behalf of unaffiliated carrier partners. Such entities that are insurer-owned and that are believed to place risks exclusively or mainly with parent or sister underwriters (i.e. affiliated entities) are excluded from the analysis. Revenues from wholesale or other broking / agency activity that do not meet this definition of MGA, MGU or cover-holder business are also not in scope.

Exchange rates: Local currency figures have been converted to USD using the average rate for the most recent year analyzed (2023).

Source: Insuramore research and estimates based on MGA / MGU / cover-holder group disclosures.

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