Insurance Marketplace Revenues: Top 100 Groups Worldwide

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Insurance Marketplace Revenues: Top 100 Insurance Marketplace Groups Worldwide

Definition: Insurance marketplaces are defined as B2C enterprises whose primary purpose is to provide digital price comparisons – and sometimes product feature comparisons – of all or a substantial selection of insurance policies in any given sector / country, plus facilities for customers to go on to acquire such policies digitally. Such marketplaces are also sometimes referred to as ‘comparison sites’ or ‘aggregators’ and, in some cases, their offer may extend to comparisons of other services such as bank loans, credit cards, cell phone contracts or electricity tariffs. However, the definition excludes digital insurance agents or brokers who are only able to provide quotes on behalf of one or a limited panel of insurance providers. Insurance marketplace revenues are defined as revenues specifically due to sales of insurance by groups running such marketplaces.

Exchange rates: Local currency figures have been converted to USD using the average rate for the most recent year analyzed (2021).

Source: Insuramore research and estimates plus company disclosures.

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